GHG Decoy Systems Essential Series Honker Shells

X4 Feeders
X4 Actives
X4 Semi-Actives

GHG Decoy Systems Pro-Grade Green-Winged Teal

X1 Rester Drake
X1 Rester Hen
X1 Surface Feeder Drake
X1 Surface Feeder Hen
X1 High Head Drake
X1 Active Hen

GHG Decoy Systems Pro-Grade Puddler Pack

X1 Drake Wigeon
X1 Hen Wigeon
X1 Drake Pintail
X1 Hen Pintail
X1 Drake Gadwall
X1 Hen Gadwall

GHG Decoy Systems Green-Winged Teal-Hen Pack

6 Pack
x2 Rester Hens
x2 Feeder Hens
x2 Active Hens

GHG Decoy Systems Pro-Grade Full Body Mallards Feeder Pack

6 Packs
x2 Stretch Neck Feeder Drakes
x2 Searcher Feeder Drakes
x2 Feeder Hens

GHG Decoy Systems Life-Size Blue-Bills

6 Pack
x2 Active Drakes
x2 Rester Drakes
x2 Active Hens

GHG Decoy Systems Over-Size Black Ducks

Hunter Series
6 Pack
x4 Drakes
x2 Hens

Mojo Outdoors Butt-up Rippler 2

Beefed up-Version of the original butt-up!
Upgraded Motor. Larger Weight.
Twist Lock Housing.

Mojo Outdoors Baby Mojo Drake

Quality 6-Volt
Rechargeable Battery
Remote Compatible

Edge Innovative Hunting Cawlin'Crow

Flocked- no troublesome glare!
• Includes continuous loop mobbing crow sounds
• 1.5 minute delay option to allow for hunter setup
• Realistic FLOCKED body
• Mounting stake included
Requires 4 AA Batteries (not included)
Limited 1 year warranty

Mojo Outdoors Mojo Pigeon

2) 3 PC Support Pole.
3) AA Battery Holder.
4) Magnetic Wings.

Mojo Outdoors Mojo Crow

1)Decoy Body.
2) 3 PC Support Pole.
3) AA Battery Holder.
4) Magnetic Wings.
5) Battery Cover.

Yote Coyote 3D Decoy

• Life size - Portable - Lightweight
• Freely moving faux fur tail adds to realism Flexible rubber decoy
• Decoy size - 37" L× 8" W x 16" H
•Stake included