Easton Blood Lines - Crossbow Bolts

Carbon-Fiber Shaft

Easton Power Flight - Sport Arrows

400 Weight

Bohning Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax

Natural Wax For Maximum String Life

Bohning Fletch-Tite

For Fletching Carbon, Wood, Fiberglass, and Aluminum

Burt Coyote Lumenok

Lighted Signature Nock

Barnett Crossbows x-Blades

3 Pack
Broadheads Built Exclusively For Crossbows
Auto-tip Activates Blade Deployment
Blades are Locked Open Before Entering Target
over 1 3/8" Cutting Diameter
No O-Rings Or Rubber Bands
125 Grain

Steambow AR-6 Stinger II Tactical

Six-Shot Tactical Repeating Crossbow

•Repeating crossbow with six-shot magazine •Removable vertical foregrip
•Length adjustable buttstock with „commercial spec" AR-15 buffer tube
•6 high-quality target arrows
•2 strings
•1 stringing aid.
Additional items
•AR series - Laser Sight Red
•Speed loader Pouch For AR-6 Stinger II
•6 Bodkins Arrows For AR-Series
With Target